Feliway thank you

Thank you firecat for your suggestion to use Feliway with my cats.

The younger cat, who has always been anxious and easily startled is a changed cat, after having the always on dispenser running in the living room for 2 weeks. He's still easily scared, but no longer picks fights after grooming the other cat. He's also stopped 'singing' in the middle of the night.

The two cats still tussle, but the bloodlust has gone out of their fights.

The younger cat is himself, but with smoother, softer edges.

We're a much happier household now.

Cat advice needed

Our two male cats (12 and 10), as they get older, are fighting more aggressively, with one of them (the older, sweeter one), catching more than his fair share of facial scratches and now, what appears to be bites.

The younger cat has always been a more difficult cat, with longstanding vomit issues, and a more distant personality.

We've had the oldest cat 10 years and the youngest one 8. We got the younger one as a companion to the older one, which I have to say has been more a standoff than a friendship.

What are the alternatives I can consider?

I've thought about keeping them in separate parts of the house, but the main level and upper level stairs don't have any sort of barrier. I suspect they'd cope with that pretty well, and would even be able to be together, as long as we were around to police fights.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Black Bean Burgers ***

Bean Burgers

We had these for supper last night. I didn't have green onions, so I
substituted celery. I liked the cornmeal coating, but they didn't hold
together very well. I used 1 jalapeno, but it could have used 3 or 4 of the
batch I had without much problem, they weren't hot. Served with rice.

Artistic Range

The same director, Olivier Assayas, made both L'heure d'ete and Demonlover.
Summer Hours is a gentle portrait of generational change, and the delights
of bourgeois life (highly recommended).

Demonlover, though it passes the Bechtel test, is not something I'd
recommend. It combines corporate espionage, internet porn, hentai, and
revenge in a rather disgusting package with more plot turns than a Wire in
the Blood episode.

Hard to believe the same person would want to work on both. Such range.

NaNoWriMo 2009

I finished NaNoWriMo 2009 with hours to spare.

The local group and especially S made a huge impact in getting me past the
finish line.

Plus, obsessive reloading of the words so far chart.

Plus keeping two files open in gvim all the time, one with the one big
file, and one with stuff which didn't actually fit in the one big file,
such as the word count I wanted to get to today, motivational quotes,
quotes related to my book, and stuff that was there, but not part of the

I was very pleased my left hand held up, especially on the 5000+ word days.

I'm doing it again next year.